Rapid Supplier Connect Covid-19 Response

Emergency Supplier Onboarding & Inventory Availability

Rapid Supplier Connect is a collaboration between TYS and IBM that offers a single-source of truth combined with a marketplace to meet non-traditional suppliers and see their inventory availability.

During this time of emergency many healthcare providers are facing shortages of critical supplies and turning to new and unproven suppliers around the world to fill these gaps. Vetting and onboarding new suppliers is time consuming during the best of times, but now speed is of the essence.

TYS Network for Rapid Supplier Connect

Buyer Benefits

  • Discover non-traditional suppliers for critical supplies
  • Minimizes risk & speeds onboarding
  • Centralized view of critical supplies
  • Optional paymaster services for financial security
  • Optional inspection services for delivery integrity

Supplier Benefits

  • Common identity, accesible to any buyers on network
  • Reduced time to first transaction
  • Improved discoverability
Validated and Vetted Suppliers

TYS provides a trusted network of suppliers. All suppliers meet rigid qualification criteria:

  • Suppliers must be invited by a reputable paymaster, IBM (or channel partner) or a TYS buyer
  • Supplier must be good standing in its traditional business.
  • Supplier detail is vetted using third party services such as Dun & Bradstreet
Inventory Visibility

Rapid Supplier Connect is a partnership with IBM that provides inventory visibility and an Onboarding & Support team. Learn more

Trusted Transactions: Payments and Inspections

Financial transactions can be secured using paymaster services from CDAX, providing payment security, visibility, delivery inspection, and transactional coherence.

Payment Process

In order to help stakeholders more effectively respond to the epidemic, we are offering free Trust Your Supplier access to buyers and suppliers. Working together, we can improve the process of getting critical materials to our communities.

Please give us 30 minutes of your time to hear how this platform can help. Join a Rapid Supplier Connect webinar to learn more and connect with our onboarding support team.


What is Trust Your Supplier?

What are you trying to achieve through this initiative?

Why are you creating a trusted supplier marketplace around COVID 19?

How are you planning on improving current supply chain challenges?

Who is eligible to register as a buyer on the network?

How much does it cost?

Why should we get engaged with this initiative?

Paymaster FAQ

Are the buyers funds sent to CDAX?

What is a Custody Account and how does it work?

How are the funds in the custody account managed?

You mentioned regulatory requirements, is CDAX a regulated entity?