Rapid Supplier Connect Covid-19 Response

Emergency Supplier Onboarding & Inventory Availability

Rapid Supplier Connect is a collaboration between TYS and IBM in response to the Covid-19 challenges of procuring & exchanging critical goods for health care providers.

During this time of emergency many healthcare providers are facing shortages of critical supplies and turning to new and unproven suppliers around the world to fill these gaps. Vetting and onboarding new suppliers is time consuming during the best of times, but now speed is of the essence.

Buyers on the TYS network can discover suppliers for critical supplies, while minimizing risk & speed onboarding.

Suppliers have a common identity to create & maintain that is accessible to any buyer on the TYS network, in addition to the benefits of improved discoverability & a reduced time to the first transaction.

Working together, we can improve the process of getting critical materials to our communities.